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Pomsky puppies coming soon! We are now accepting deposits of $500 for the babies that will be here at the end of May and early June.                                                                       Updated: 04/19/23                                   

The first Pomsky that will give birth is K.J. she is due approx. May 20th 2023 She was bred to Adonis. The puppies will range 15-23lbs on average. They can throw all colors from white, cream, red, blue and sables.
Deposit is $500 and puppies will range $2000-2800

K.J. the Pomsky 4.26.PNG
Adonis the pomsky stud

The next pomsky mama having puppies is Summer. She will give birth approx. May 27th 2023. These puppies will range 15-23lbs on average. The puppies will range in colors from White, cream, red, blue, lilac, and sables.  
Deposit is $500 and puppies will range $2400-2800

The last mama to have puppies is Athena she's a wooly Siberian. Her babies will range 18-30lbs they will be short, thick and have wooly coats. The babies will be red, black and white, and sables. 
Deposit is $500 and puppies will range $2400-3,000

**You can pick up at my Home,  Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport or we can fly to your airport at your expense.** 

All my fur babies come fully vetted. This means at 6 weeks they are given a laboratory fecal exam and will not get their main exam unless they test negative for worms, parasites, coccidia and giardia. Once they pass their fecal then at 7 weeks they go in for a final exam to check eyes, ears, heart, lungs, gums, teeth, and receive vaccines, bordetella, microchip and health certificates if needed. All babies go home with toys, food, collar, leash, microchip registration and a one year health guarantee. My babies are all pee pad trained to get them off to a good start.. the rest is up to you. ;) For more information you can call/text 661-313-7358 Tanya

Dr Bronze with Tate.PNG
Dr Selland with Dominic.PNG
Dr Lundquist and Delilah 2.PNG
Dr Bronze with hemsworth.PNG

Click our Youtube page to follow our Pomskies!
We are also on Tiktok @tcpomskies  

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