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This is an exciting time and I want you to be as prepared as possible.  My pomskies go home 90% pee pad trained but the rest of the potty training needs to be done by you. It will depend if you want to crate train, use a playpen or a doggy door but under NO circumstances should a puppy have free reign of your home until they are potty trained, which is usually by 4/5 months of age. It takes time, consistency and positive reinforcement to succeed. Pomskies are very smart and all they want to do is learn.  I am going to include the things that I use and recommend BEFORE your baby comes home. They will make your life so much easier. 

The puppy Playpen  can make your puppies transition so much easier. It  gives the puppy a place to play, eat, drink and potty while you can't watch them.  Always buy 40" height.    Crate training is also very  helpful  especially if you travel alot. 

Puppy Playpen.jpg
Dog crate .jpg

Bringing Home Your Pomsky Puppy! 

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Whether you use the play pen or the crate or start trusting your  puppy to use a pee pad by a back door. My favorite pee pads are the Petsmart Brand. You will go through alot of pads and they carry a box of 150  XL pads for $40-45 which is great! 

Puppy Pee pads.jpg

Teething can be challenging if not prepared. When puppies start to teeth between 9weeks and 4 months their gums get itchy and they need to chew on everything. Toys can be great and so can ropes for tug of war but these are NOT good for teething so you want to make sure when you can't supervise you use Cow hooves, deer antlers, and  frozen large carrots because these are all digestible. 

Cow Hooves .jpg
Deer Antlers.jpg

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All of my puppies eat Nutro puppy chicken food. None of my  puppies eat soft food so please do  not feed them canned food, its not good for their teeth. I also love to give them SOFT training treats or Jerky -Nothing hard, stiff or chokable... I start all puppies on chicken flavors, if you want to introduce  beef, duck or salmon wait at least 2 weeks  to make sure they do not have any issues with different products. If they get diarrhea stop using that product. The Jerky can also be used for training treats, just cut into tiny pieces.  Only use organic or made in the U.S.A. products. 

Nutro puppy food.jpg
Nudges jerky.jpg

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My pomskies always go home freshly bathed but sometimes they  get dirty. I recommend not bathing them more than once a month unless you need to. You can always use baby wipes on feet or warm water. The only product I use is Mane N Tail shampoo and conditioner. Conditioner is not always necessary if you brush regularly. Once you  puppy is fully vaccinated find a good groomer and ask for a bath, condition, blow out, hygiene clip and nails done. 

Mane N Tail Shampoo.jpg
Nail trimmer .jpg

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All of the products I recommend can either be found by clicking the  pictures to go to Amazon directly or at Petsmart.  I try to make sure to  find you the best prices and the highest quality. 

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