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"My Fiancé and I had been looking to adopt a dog for a while. We wanted a medium sized dog but were having a hard time finding one we both connected to. We fell in love with one who was on hold for another family and we were heartbroken. Turns out that dog was brought back because it had seriously bit someone. At that point we decided it was worth the money to buy a puppy to care for it and make sure it had a friendly temperament. 

Now we had to decide on the breed... he wanted a husky and I wanted a lap dog since I had just lost my Pomeranian. Wait, there’s such thing as a Pomsky?? A husky/Pomeranian?? Obviously that was our first choice. So we called and emailed some breeders. When we called Tanya she answered right away, answered my million questions and was so friendly, and she just had a litter! It was fate! I felt confident and comfortable after seeing her Facebook page and seeing her past pups with their new family. 

My fiancé was insistent he wanted a double blue eyed pup and Tanya was very patient with us trying to decide. Now we have a 5 month old black/sable Pomsky and we are so in love with her. She’s smart, friendly, active, great with other dogs and kids. And it’s a plus to be a part of the T.C. Pomsky family Facebook page so we can watch her siblings grow too. Hands down the best breeder with the best dogs!"

Cali the Pomsky
- Erica J. from Redwood City, CA
Athena the Pomsky

"I had been looking for a very long time for a pomsky, my son wanted a husky but I didn't want a big dog and he had lost his Dachshund whom I had purchased from a breeder many years ago, she died for a rare heart disease so I wanted to be careful. I know breeders can't control everything but I wanted one that wasn't just in it of the money. I went to quite a few different pomsky breeders facebook pages, all were cute but I was paying attention to the interactions between the clients and the breeder. I found Tanya's page and I looked at her dogs and then I kept seeing her say over and over again to client's "I don't breed for eye color, I breed for temperament" It took me about 4 months but I put a deposit down, he wanted a dog that looked like a husky. I don't remember how long it took but I found our dog, her name is Athena and she is just perfect. She looks just like a husky, but more importantly, she is just so amazing, she's happy, she's full of live, she loves our son, she loves the entire family. We love her so much and we love Tanya. Thank you so much for breeding such an amazing little sweetie." 

- Tina C. from Flagstaff, AZ

"Eight months ago, my husband would've shut down any thoughts of having any pets. Today, we have two Pomsky furbabies that the whole family absolutely love. Six months ago, me and my nine year old daughter started talking about the kinds of dogs we would want "when" the time came for us to be able to get a dog. We both agreed that we love big dogs. Her: German Shepherd, Siberian Husky, or Alaskan Malamute. Me: Pitbull, Pit-Lab, or Samoyed. With some research, we both agreed on a Pomsky since it has the physical traits of the large dogs we adore but not as large in size. While sharing images of Pomskies, we spent weekends going to pet shelters in search of an adoptable pup. No one dog grabbed at our hearts and my six year-old son seemed to be terrified of them. One day, I came across T.C. Pomskies on FB. There they were, these cute, days old faces. At the time, I was already following another Pomsky breeder but as cute as puppies go, I didn't think they compared to those of T.C. Pomskies.

It all started when I reached out to Tanya to ask for the price. She was quick with the response and I wondered, "Is she desperate to sell and why?" Although skeptical, I would very soon find out that this was one of the fine qualities that I would come to rely on and appreciate. So I randomly send a photo to my husband one day and said "they" were for sale. To my surprise, he asked for the cost and I was prepared with a number. I couldn't believe it when he actually responded so well and was in consideration. He ended up giving me and my daughter the green light and from there, we began debating
between which beautiful puppy we wanted to add to our family. Tanya was absolutely amazing. My family couldn't settle on one puppy. We all adored a different one. Tanya was so patient with us while helping us decide on which pup. She never rushed the selection process and was friendly and professional about it the whole time. And above all, she was 'always' honest! I trusted her then and I trust her now. We ended up allowing our daughter to choose because this would be "her" dog. As I realized how real this was becoming and my husband was still all for it, I was flooded with questions... questions about the process, the welfare of the puppies, and the maintenance of it all. Tanya was there for me through every question, every second, every concern... no matter what time of the day and night! And let me say, even though she was in AZ, she was responding on 🕐EST. 😊 

I loved that Tanya also has numerous payment options and she walked me through what was available. I was hesitant at the start of this process but before I knew it, T.C. Pomskies was my most favorited group and I was constantly checking on her page to see photos of my furbaby. Tanya is absolutely great when it comes to providing photos and live videos of the puppies. When the puppy
was too young to come home, I still felt like l was watching my furbaby grow and not missing a beat. I can see that she is a responsible breeder through these images she shared. Along the way, we would end up getting not one but two puppies! Excitement grew as each day passed and we became closer to the ship date. There was a delay in our shipment due to the airline policies with the temperature range. Tanya stood unwavered and tried to exhaust all options in getting us our furbabies but she couldn't compete with the low temperatures of the Northeast. We waited past the weekend and would find ourselves welcoming these puppers real soon. Tanya included food, ice chips for water, chew toys, collars, leash, and their medical records from being vet checked. Most of all, two beautiful, scared but happy, kissing puppies. I've been so lucky because they go in their dog hut or kennel to sleep on their own. Puppy proofing the house goes a long way for these lil' nibblers. I couldn't be more happy with my two 10 week-old puppies who love rough-housing one another and sleeping together. Can't wait for Dakota and Aspen to get all their boosters so we can take them out and let more fun begin. I look forward to continuing to sharing their moments with Tanya as she'll always forever be a part of our family through the connection of my beautiful furbabies.
As someone who's been on the buyer's side, I know how much worth and the importance of customer reviews are. I am more than happy to give mine, in full truth and recollection and with my complete honest opinion. I highly recommend T.C. Pomskies! #blessed "

Aspen and Dakota F2Pomskies
- Angela Y. from Philadelphia, PA
Duke an F1b Pomsky and Drax the F2 Pomsky

"I saw my first pomsky in a pet store in the summer of 2016. I fell in love with the puppy at the store but I did not buy it. I started looking on the internet and came across tons of pages of people breeding pomskies. When I came across Tanya's page it made me stop and take a second look. The dogs were beautiful and so was her farm. I watched it for a few months then I starting showing him the page. He feel in love too. Tanya had a litter on 10/25/16 and we picked a puppy right away. I called Tanya and she was so knowledgeable and sweet and honest. She informed me how to get financing and that worked great. My puppies name is Duke and she kept me up to date every week (pictures weight, activities and so on) We started getting videos right away. Oh my god I was so happy.

We picked up our baby Duke the end of December. He was bathed, shots, microchiped and he came with a certificate of health from the Vet. Record of all his shots and weight. It was great being part of the T C Pomsky family on Facebook. We see his brothers and sisters and watch them grow. 

In May we fell in love with another one of Tanya's pomsky puppies. We brought him home in July and the 2 puppies adapted to each other immediately. I have spoken to Tanya on the phone and messaged her many times to ask questions and she responds right away. T C Pomskies and Tanya are the best."

- Pamela M. from Phoenix, AZ

"It was November 2015 and I was obsessively researching for a pomsky. I saw them on the internet but educated myself on their sizes and personalities & my mind was made up, I had to have one. It wasn’t about the look, eye color or size to me.. I had lost a beloved pet and realized I wanted another one.. a puppy..I researched for hours before coming to TC’s page.. what I loved from the start was every picture from the moment of birth was there for me to see. I looked for the signs to ensure these puppies were well taken care of, and went back to the start of her page to see every puppy and all the different litters with different parents. My favorite was all the videos clearly showing how well taken care of these pups were... After stalking her entire page I saw the 3 week old litter from her dogs Kai and Cujo. I instantly messaged her wanting the most affectionate one. I saw this little mini fluffy polar bear white pup and my heart was stolen right then and there. For the next month and a half the highlight of my days were getting my weekly picture or video of that little fluff ball. He came home middle of December 2015...he was our Christmas puppy 🐶 and lit up our home with joy ..😊 I will never forget holding him when he was so little.. he smelled so good, in excellent health and very well taken care of.. 2 years later,still healthy, happy and beautiful.. I have never received sooo many compliments from strangers about him.. thank you Tanya.. you and your family do so much for these pups and you were always there to help me or answer any questions I had through the process. I would only recommend TC Pomskies 👍🏼❤️😎"

- Jessica F. from Riverside, CA
Abel is an F1 Pomsky 50/50 Siberian and Pomeranian

 "My family had been wanting a dog for a long time, but I was hesitant to make such a big purchase sight unseen. However, there weren't many Pomsky breeders near us, so I started following fb pages for a while. I wanted to be sure the breeder we chose was trustworthy & honest & that they were good to their dogs. I could tell Tanya was all that & more. She constantly posts pictures & videos of her dogs and their litters so you can clearly see that they are well cared for and loved. When we decided on our pup, I reached out & Tanya called me right away & spoke to me at length, answering all of my questions. She consistently posted pictures & videos of our puppy so we felt like we were there for his first 8 weeks of life. We've had Koda only a week & he can already sit and give paw (for a treat, of course!) I couldn't be happier with our TC Pomskies experience!"

Denise R. from Leesburg, VA

 "I will start off by saying I was scammed. NOT by Tanya, nooo. I did half my homework and fell right into their hands. Hindsight, we kicked ourselves for not knowing better.
Then came a real search and we fell upon T.C.Pomskies. What a breath of fresh air Tanya was. I told her my story and scamming was nothing new to her, just me. She made me feel at ease right away. Tanya contacts you almost immediately when you need information. I had my eye on Rhea aka Blu for some time. There was just a connection for me. I wanted Rhea because I wanted to give her to my husband as a therapy dog. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and I wanted him to have Blu as a comfort puppy. Tanya and I worked out all the details and she was sent to California. She had a collar, leash, food, wet ones etc. I still think about that moment of receiving her in San Francisco with my sister and my grand daughter, Maci. 
This dog as well as many of Tanya's dogs are a “love at first sight” dog. Blu loves her beagle brothers and everyone who walks through the doors. She is at my husband's side most of the time. One might freak out over the cost but for us, Blu is priceless. I find her addicting and I want to be around her 24/7. 
So thank you Tanya and thank your family for making these puppies the most loving dogs ever."

- Colleen F. from Concord, CA

* Not bred by T.C. Pomskies

"Tito, my 1.5 year old Pomsky (75% husky and 25% Pomeranian), is truly everything I could have ever asked for and more. He is my first dog, so I don’t have anything to compare him to, but he has exceeded my expectations in every department. He is the cutest, kindest, funniest, smartest and most loyal pup and I can’t imagine my life without him. I did a ton of research before choosing to get a dog from T.C. Pomskies, and after talking to Tanya, I knew I had found the breeder I wanted to use. Tanya was an absolute pleasure to deal with from start to finish, and even now, a year and a half later, she’s always available to help with questions or concerns. Not only does she breed the cutest pups, she’s very honest in this whole process, which is something I can’t say about everyone. I highly recommend Tanya and T.C. Pomskies and hope I can get a second pup from her one day!"

- Ali M. from Boston, MA

"My husband found Tanya's Facebook page and was amazed by how beautiful all the puppies were. They were all very cute and we had discussed getting a new dog after putting down our 15.5 year old lab. We saw the photos of "Alec" and instantly fell in love. We named him Boomer. He is the happiest puppy and is doing very well with his training. We have had him two weeks and are totally in love. He is great with our two daughters and he is already sleeping through the night in his crate. Tanya was so much help and continues to answer all our questions as we think of them. She is fantastic to work with."

- Janelle K. from Chehalis, WA

"Tanya Flores-Calderon is a great breeder who really cares of her dogs and puppies. She answers all questions and gives more info needed. She updates the buyers with pictures, videos, and texts daily and keep close updates. I fell in love with Kaylah and she mended my heart after I lost my Misty after 12 years. Tanya is someone you would want to be with and have your fur kid no questions ask!"

- Jill H. from Goodyear, AZ

"My boyfriend and I recently moved in together last year in 2016, and we talked about getting a dog. We both love Siberian Huskys, and have always been fascinated by the Pomsky breed. Although i was skeptical, I started doing my research. No breeders here in San Diego, so I started searching around neighboring states. Then, I found Tanya back in June of 2017. Tanya has been nothing but wonderful to us. Being able to text her, she answered all our questions right away. We purchased our 1st Pomsky about 3 weeks before the pups reached 8 weeks. I love how Tanya always sent me photos and weekly updates of pics and videos of the pups. I’ll admit, it was kinda scary finding a breeder online especially knowing about all the scam artists out there. Tanya never made me feel worried or scared.. she’s proud of her pups and is a very knowledgeable breeder. After the long wait, we drove out to Arizona to pick up Kismet aka Kaiya up. I was not able to meet Tanya at that time because her partner, Stephanie had the litter Kaiya was in, so we met up with her and she’s awesome too! She explained a lot of things to us and answered any questions we had. We finally reached home & Kaiya immediately felt comfortable. Fast forward to November 2017 and Kaiya is currently 6 months old and 13 lbs. Her personality is just so friendly that we never took her to classes. She’s an awesome pup and we love her so much! Eventually my boyfriend and I wanted to get a white male pomsky and back in October of 2017, Tanya had a litter and 1 of the pups was white!! I got excited and had to show my boyfriend .. thankfully he was on board as well and after talking to Tanya about adding a 2nd dog and all the cons/pros, we purchased our 2nd pup! YAY! So exciting! We just couldn’t pass Ayden aka Kuma up. We drove out to Arizona and we finally got to meet Tanya! She was nice and chill in person, exactly how she is on the phone. We met Adonis (Kaiya & Kuma’s dad) & he was so nice and calm and very friendly. We brought Kuma home and him and Kaiya immediately clicked. They love each other’s company! Fast forward to today, November 27, 2017 .. and both pups love one another. They play great together, & share everything. Even treats! No food agression here. Thank goodness! Franky and I are so filled with love raising these 2 pups together. Thank you Tanya, you really changed our lives for the better. ....... now about that 3rd Pomsky..... hahahaha. Soon enough 🙂"

- Michelle A. from San Diego, CA

"My boyfriend and I always wanted to own a dog together. He wanted a husky but I knew those dogs need more room, and a yard which we don’t have. A friend of mine had recently gotten a pomsky from Tanya and her pomsky was absolutely stunning. I saw that Tanya had recently had a litter which she named Gods and Goddesses. I showed my boyfriend a picture of the available pups and we fell in love with Chaos aka Goku. I reached out to Tanya, and she was able to answer all my questions and reply to me in a timely manner. Not once did I ever feel pressured to purchase one of her pomsky babies. Tanya was very knowledgeable, and no question is too silly to ask! Chaos/Goku was flown over to San Diego and we instantly fell in love the moment we picked him up. We were also pleased to find that Tanya supplied us with some food the pomskies were started with, a leash, and collar. Goku is the most friendliest, spunkiest, full of “chaos”, and silliest puppy ever. He’s got such a personality he melts me and my boyfriend’s heart every time. I would recommend anyone to Tanya. She makes the whole process so easy, and she’s so to talk to!"

- Kristine D. from San Diego, CA

"Whether you already are a Pomsky fanatic or you are just beginning to research the Pomsky breed you have found the right breeder at TC Pomskies. We had been interested in the Pomsky breed for about 5 years and made the decision in November of 2017 to add a Pomsky puppy to our family. After exhaustive research about the breed and being made fully aware of all the Pomsky scams, and horrible puppy mills we found a reliable breeder in our home state of Arizona.

Tanya at TC Pomskies is amazing. She breeds quality dogs in a family setting. This allows you to receive a happy, healthy, and well-adjusted puppy. We contacted Tanya and selected our puppy Jaydon. Tanya was very knowledgeable and patiently answered all our questions and made us feel welcome into her Pomsky family.

Tanya does an incredible job of keeping her 'puppy parents' informed of all things regarding their puppy. She is always available to answer your questions and posts updates of the puppies’ photos and videos so that you can watch your puppy grow while you are excitedly awaiting your puppies’ arrival in 8 weeks.

Tanya raises the puppies in her home so they are familiar with the sights and sounds that go on in a household. Tanya’s amazing daughters are very involved with the puppies and the puppies are very well socialized and love to play with people and other pets.

We brought our puppy Jaydon home on January 19, 2017. He is the perfect addition to our family. He has the sweetest temperament. He is curious, confident, friendly, and very intelligent. We taught him to sit in a few minutes the first day we had him. He is everything a well bred puppy should be.

If you are looking for a responsible, reliable breeder of Pomsky puppies you do not need to look any further. Tanya will take the worries of getting a beautiful healthy Pomsky puppy and make it into a dream come true. We were so happy to have met Tanya and have one of her amazing puppies. We are looking forward to getting another Pomsky from her in the near future and adding to our Pomsky family."

-  Nicole S. from Sierra Vista, AZ

"TC Pomskies is a great small business to find your furrever friend! My son had been wanting a puppy for a long time and I wanted a small dog (we don't have a very big back yard) that would fit right in with our crazy little family. After researching the breed and breeders, I immediately found a great one in Tanya. She is passionate about her pups and her focus is on temperament, not markings or eye color. We found our sweet and a little crazy pup in July, 2017 and we have been enamored with him ever since. Tanya is a kind, caring, and fair breeder. Our experience with her was great and we've continued to maintain a relationship thru her family Facebook page. When the time is right, we will definitely take another one of her pups!"

- Deena F. from Lacey, WA

"Never have I had a more pleasant and professional "business deal" than dealing with T.C. Pomskies.  I live in Mexico,  and I diligently searched for a way to acquire a pomsky here.  After quite a bit of internet surfing I found T.C. Pomskies.  Phoenix would

be in closer proximity for final shipping of a puppy.  As we all do, I had hundreds of questions.  Tanya was there to patiently answer each one, and usually within minutes of my asking!   I was uncertain in making up my mind which litter to choose from.   Tanya advised me wisely, but never pushed me.  She even researched the options for shipping the puppy to Mexico once that time came.  Due to complications and much "red tape" for shipping dogs by cargo into Mexico,  Tanya led me to see that coming to Phoenix to receive the puppy was the best option.  And, for sure, that was the safest and most practical option.  I felt confident with Tanya's advice and guidance  throughout the wait-period.  I learned that I could trust her explicitly.   After an eternity, the time came to pick up my little Tim Tebow.  Tanya had every detail in complete order --- letter of health, immunizations, documentation of parasite exams and more.  Tebow flew in the cabin  with me to Mexico City on a three-hour non-stop flight from Phoenix.  We breezed through a sometimes "tricky" Mexican customs in less than five minutes.  Everything was in perfect order, thanks to Ms. Tanya's diligence and care.  Tebow has been with me for only a few days, and I can say he is an almost-perfect little guy.  He is a people  lover.  He uses his potty paper like a pro.  He sleeps from ten at night until the next morning.  He is eating well, jumping about and playing with his toys.  I could not have asked for a more perfect puppy.  I will forever be grateful to T.C. Pomskies for helping me bring this little bundle of joy into my home."

- Wayne R. from Cuernavaca, Mexico 

"Tanya Calderon is not just a breeder, she's a friend for life and I wouldn't want to purchase from any other person. She has answered every question I have had, even not about her dogs, or the dog I've purchased. She is extremely patient and honest, and it shows in the thousands of questions I've asked her about her dogs, breeding practices, and her home. She was very open with letting me personally see all her dogs, as well as the home she keeps them in, and devotes all her time and energy to them. It is very clear how much Tanya loves her dogs, as they are certainly not just a way to make money to her, they are a part of her family and are treated like royalty. Her passion for her babies is inspiring and what you would love to see in a breeder. When I visited my baby at 5 weeks, it was apparent that her dogs were happy, healthy, and living their best life. The puppy I picked from her is a wonderful angel and incredibly smart, and has absolutely no health problems, as Tanya will tell you, she breeds for temperament and health, not purely looks, however, these are the most gorgeous puppies around. She very openly explained to me how she picks her mates, by their health and not solely their looks, and includes DNA certification with all her litters. With her, you know exactly what you're getting, and as shown by her many, many loyal customers, and get a very happy purchase, even with the cost, it is one you will never regret, and once you personally see for yourself why the price is the way it is, you'll understand it is well worth it for a baby as happy and healthy as you can hope for. Even after you bring your baby home, Tanya has helped us with any concerns we have, whether it was with our baby from her, a friend's dog, or the one we had currently, from advice, to just the odd question, Tanya has been there to answer them honestly and surprisingly quickly, day or night. Though I have only known Tanya for a few short months, she has become a lifelong friend, and I sincerely think she is the best breeder to choose. I myself will be going back to her when I'm ready for another fur baby, as I understand why most of her customers have multiple! Her puppies are the sweetest, smartest, and healthiest around, and my first baby from her has been the easiest dog I've trained! Learning sit, shake, lay down, and come in just a few short days, as well as having perfect vet checks, and the comfort knowing she tests her dogs for genetic diseases, all negative, I don't know what else could prove her perfect lines."

- Abigayle O. from Tuscon, AZ

"For 2 years, my husband and I relentlessly searched for a Pomsky, nationwide. We are over the road truck drivers, so are in the unique position to pick up our baby, as opposed to flying him to us. We made our choice at T.C. Pomskies and have been so impressed with this breeder, her facility, and our new bundle of joy, she will be enlarging our family again next year! These animals are beyond well cared for, extremely well tempered and truly stunning to see. If a Pomsky is what you desire, stop right here, you have just found the best there is!"

- Chris & Kristal W. from Saint James, MO
Meeko review 1.24.19.jpg

" On July 2nd our family lost our wonderful Falcore who was a beautiful Alaskan Malamute. Our hearts were empty and our other dog Elvis was mourning the loss of his best friend.  

We have seen some Pomskies in the past, so I decided to find an incredible breeder that loved animals and made us feel like part of the family. My search took me to many sights but I wanted to find someone that really loved her dogs and took special care of them. I kept going back to TC Pomskies reading reviews and noticing that many owners not only bought one puppy but came back for another one.  It showed me that Tanya was a very special breeder.

My search took me to puppies that were born on May 23rd and when I took a look at Meko he melted our hearts and I knew he was going to be part of our family. I called Tanya and she was amazing, understood our story about loosing our Falcore and made us feel that a Pomsky would fill our hearts with joy and Elvis will have a new best friend.


Meko came home when he was 8 weeks old and has been such a love bug to us Elvis family and friends. We are so thankful to Tanya and her family for loving her dogs and making all of us part of her family. My best friend is so in love with Meko that she is adopting Havanna that was born in November and will be bringing her home in January.


We want to thank TC Pomskies for being an incredible breeder and helped us find our forever love Meko."

- Evanne C. from Peoria, AZ

"We had been looking for a Pomsky for 3yrs. We were very specific. We wanted a female, Black & White with Blue eyes! Well then I contacted Tanya at TC Pomskies. She had recently sold all of her new litter🙁. Then she got back to me and told me she had one that she was debating on keeping and decided she would sell him to me. A Male, Brown eyes, and Sable colors, totally opposite of what we wanted. Then we saw the pictures she sent and I showed my Husband and he said ok, we’ll get him. With every picture Tanya sent, including Xmas pictures and New Years pictures we FELL MORE IN LOVE with this little guy. When I first held him in my arm on 1/11/19, the day I picked him up. He melted my heart. The home he was at was very nice, clean and arranged very well, with the babies inside the home, unlike most who keep all their puppies outside. She also has another momma getting ready to deliver any minute and she had control of all of the dogs and puppies, I couldn’t do what she was doing. I drove home, almost 400 miles, he was so good riding in the car that long. Then when my Husband laid his eyes on him he was almost crying, saying “I’ve never loved a puppy as much as I Love this little guy” Needless to say, he is Spoiled Rotten and always will be! 
I highly recommend “TC Pomskies” to ANYONE looking for a Pomsky. They should not look further than Tanya, Owner. 

damon with new owner_edited.jpg
- Joyce C. from Huntington Beach, CA
Grayson review pics.jpg

"I can not recommend Tanya and her pomskies enough!!!!!! I’ve already sent about 5 people her way and I truly hope they end up purchasing from her! We put in a deposit and skipped two litters until we saw the perfect puppy for us! Tanya sent us incredibly frequent updates and beautifully staged photos so we could watch our little boy grow before our eyes! We have an absolutely stunning and well behaved boy who brings us so much joy! The vet said he could not be healthier during his first visit and I’m already trying to convince my boyfriend to get another! We could not be happier!"

- Michelle F. from Corona, CA

"When we started considering bringing a little one into our home, we were overwhelmed with the numerous pomsky breeders across the country and overseas. When we found TC pomskies, Tanya checked off all of our “must haves”: a responsible breeder who is open and honest, carefully selects dogs for her breeding program (making sure they’re genetically clear of any harmful diseases), raises their dogs inside, and selectively picks the pups’ forever home. But what really made us confident that we found the perfect breeder for us was the level of professionalism, expertise, and patience that Tanya has. Not only are her pups beautiful, but they are also raised to have wonderful temperaments and are incredibly smart. Before the pups were even born, Tanya was incredibly helpful in answering questions promptly and thoroughly about the process and pomsky breed in general. Once the litter arrived, she contacted us right away with newborn puppy pictures and videos. When we struggled to pick just one (they’re all so adorable!), she was very patient and answered all of our questions. After we picked our puppy, Miura, the hardest part was waiting 8 weeks to bring her home! But Tanya helped with that too—providing weekly updates with beautiful pictures and videos of our little one. Her updates are so fantastic that we started a puppy album keepsake that we’ll continue to add to as our pup grows! After 8 weeks, Miura came home and it was clear that she was well raised and socialized. She was as healthy as can be and simply perfect! Tanya's pups are super sweet and loving on top of being wicked smart. At only 9 weeks old, Miura responds to her name, "sit", "down", "wait", and knows to potty outside with few accidents! Miura is also already great with small children and other pets -- she gives puppy kisses to everyone! We are totally in love with our little pup and can't want to see her grow! Thanks Tanya for a loving, beautiful new member of our family!" (March 2019)

- Rita J. from Lake Forest Park, WA
miura review 3.jpg
miura review 2.jpg
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