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Can I register a Pomsky?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

Yes you can but NOT as a Pure Bred dog because that would be an AKC or UKC Registry and a Pomsky is a Designer or mixed breed (2 breeds only) therefore you can have your Pomsky registered with CKC, IDCR (International Designer Canine Registry and APRI.. the choice is yours if you feel you need documentation. I will be registering my kennel with IDCR this year and by 2020 all my puppies will come with DNA and Registration Certificates. If you join agility you can register with AKC canine program for mixed breeds and they can then compete and win awards with AKC as well. T.C.Pomskies will never add other breeds other than Siberian and Pomeranian to claim we are working towards AKC recognition. Pomskies are a Designer breed - anything else is NOT a Pomsky.

You can check out #Jaydonthepomsky on Instagram he has placed several times in AKC competitions!


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