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What should I ask a Breeder?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

When it comes to finding the right breeder you should be able to ask anything regarding your new Pomsky.

Some questions you should ask your breeder.

1.When was the litter born? 2. Who are the parents? 3. What split are the parents? 4. Do you have their pictures posted? 5. If they do not own the stud you want the information to who does own the stud to verify. 6. What split are the puppies? 7. What sizes are the parents and what sizes do they think the puppies are charting? 8. Have these parents had a litter before and if so can you see pictures and sizes? 9. Do they have a website with reviews? 10. Do they have a closed page with customers? 11. Do they Embark their dogs for DNA and Genetic testing? 12. What do their Pomskies consist of? they should only be Siberian and Pomeranian and will that be stated on the contract? 13. Do they offer a Genetic health guarantee and for how long? 14. If you puppy does have a genetic issue do you have to return the puppy for the replacement or funds? 15? What if your DNA and it doesn't match their DNA? 16. Do they offer refunds? 17. Are the puppies pee pad or potty trained? 18.Are they vet checked before they go by a licensed veterinarian not a shot clinic. 19. Do they fecal test through a laboratory for worms, parasites, coccidian and giardia (these are transferable to other animals in your home and your children) a fecal float test is not accurate. 20. How long have they been breeding? 21. Can you speak to a couple of the other customers? 22. Are the puppies raised indoors? 23. Are they socialized with kids or other pets? 24.Can you pick up from their home (not a parking lot, not at a rest stop and not at some designated location.)? 25.What forms of payment do they take? Cash only or paypal friends and wiring is a big No No as this does not protect you the buyer.

There are so many questions you should ask but these 25 are enough to start with ;)

The Contract

What it should contain at minimum

  • Breeders Name, address, email and phone #

  • Your Name, address, email and phone #

  • How much you paid, what the split is, the gender, the date of birth, the specific breed (Siberian & Pomeranian)

Then it should include everything from the puppy being health checked, fecal tested, microchipped, the health guarantee, spay/neuter agreement or breeding agreement, if they do exchanges or offer refunds, etc... and what happens if you break their policies.

Put everything in writing!

Do not ever fall for "agreeing verbally" make sure everything is in writing via text, via email and via your contract. Do not place a deposit as most are non-refundable and do not pay in full unless you know and fully understand what you are buying and what their policies are.

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