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Is a Pomsky Pure bred?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The answer to that is NO. A Pomsky is a Designer breed. A Designer breed is when you breed TWO pure bred dogs and create a new dog. So a Pomsky can never be AKC but you can register them CKC or with any mixed breed association. They can also compete and register in any AKC agility competitions as many of my customers have done this.

Why can't Pomskies be registered AKC?

A Pomsky is a Designer dog consisting of two splits: A Siberian husky (standard or wooly) and a Pomeranian (of any size). AKC does not accept Designer dogs as a new breed can only be made if it has 3 or more breeds to create one. An example would be the newly accepted DOGO Argentino which consists of over 10 breeds and has taken over 30 years to perfect from some of the top breeders in the world.


A Pomsky will never contain anything other than Siberian and Pomeranian.Anything else is NOT a Pomsky.

Make sure it's in writing:

  1. The breeder should list the splits on their contract, website and via email or text

  2. They should use Embark not Wisdom panel or Parental DNA

  3. If you Embark DNA it should match their results exactly there's no exceptions!

  4. What happens if the tests do not match? What is their policy?

  5. Know that you should trust your breeder because if you buy out of state, you must go to their state in order to sue.

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