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Guardian Homes- Are they good or bad?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Breeders in the past have used guardian homes because they had multiple studs and its not always possible to keep several males in one location. They can easily become aggressive with each other and fights can occur. But lately its been brought to my attention that breeders will state they don't have the parents on site or sometimes the litter because they are in a guardian homes. This, to me, is concerning. The main reason is because as a breeder its your job to raise your adults, decide who should be bred and to raise the litter while making sure that customers have access to the puppies they purchase. A person who takes responsibility as a Guardian home is not a breeder and should not be the one to keep the puppies and take responsibility for anything that can go wrong. As a breeder I know exactly what can go wrong and how fast you must react and how to handle this which is why I personally would never allow anyone to raise my Breeders or raise my puppies. I wouldn't even know how to sell them because I'm not the one raising them, how would I know their sizes, coats, and temperament. As a breeder its my responsibility to care for my dogs, feed them, vet them and supply their every need. The worst part is you also don't know if there's any kind of scam or if the person your dealing with is just using other people to breed for them while they profit. A breeder takes care of their dogs, they don't have someone else raise their dogs for them to breed and profit off of. Be careful who you buy from.

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