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Know what Pomsky you want!

There is nothing a breeder hates more than when a person sends a Message "Hey do you have any puppies? I want one that looks like this... (Then we get a lovely picture of a bogus pomsky or another breeders pomsky). ;( I know customers don't understand why this would annoy a breeder so let me explain why it annoys me. I have an

Entire Website which links you to not only my Facebook page but my Instagram. Look through MY pomsky pictures and see what I create. If you like the look of my pomskies then Great! I am known for my Sables and Agoutis and some of my rare blues. Of course I have some whites, reds and chocolates everyone once in a while but what I don't have is another breeders Pomskies. Most breeders who have been around long enough have a very specific look. I am one of the oldest breeders and I can create any size, split and color. Only my dogs and God can decide what will be born and all I care about is that every baby is born healthy. #tcsrealpomskies #tcpomskies #pomsky #pomskies #pomskys #pomski #pomskycolors #pickingapomsky #pomskypuppies

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