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Thinking of buying a Pomsky?!

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

So you're thinking of buying a Pomsky? Where do you start? What should you know? Is it that easy? Not really...

Not all breeders are the same...

When I say not all breeders are the same...You have breeders like me who started from the beginning. The beginning is when you bred your first Siberian Husky female and had to artificially inseminate her using your Pomeranian Male. Most of us spent thousands of dollars and used many reproduction vets to realize the heart break of find out repeatedly your female wasn't pregnant and trying to figure out where you went wrong. We made mistake after mistake and then finally did it. Now we know everything and anything about breeding Pomskies, delivering Pomskies, raising Pomskies and their quirks!

Then you have the newer breeders who find two Pomskies, mate them and call themselves Pomsky breeders. Technically they are correct but unfortunately they will never know or understand what it takes and what's needed to consistently maintain a great looking Pomsky. Real Pomsky breeders will always be needed because without the F1 50/50 split Pomsky we will run out of new lines.

Finding a Trustworthy breeder...

Did you know you can find a Pomsky breeder any where for any price? There's Craigslist, Hoobly, Amish Pages, Online pet stores and then there are Reputable breeders who would never use those avenues to sell their Pomskies. A Pomsky breeder should always have a website, a social media page like Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube where you can see pictures, videos, and have all their information available to you at any time. There should be an email, phone #, and even the ability to Face time if you want to. You should be able to ask any question respectfully of course and get an answer. There should never be hesitation, an attitude or rudeness of any kind.

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