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Pomsky Sizes

Remember when searching for a Pomsky, let the breeder know what size you would like to stay under. We know and understand that sometimes there are limitations due to your housing and sometimes due to age etc. Toy is under 15lbs Small is under 25lbs Average is 25-35lbs and large is anything over 35lbs. The size is NOT predicted by a split. There are many factors- Splits, size of parents and litter size to start. A previous litter is not always an indication of what the next litter will be. A good breeder will be able to weigh puppies at birth and have a good guesstimate what the sizes will be. Then charting the weights weekly allow the breeder to know exactly what the puppies will chart. #tcsrealpomskies #tcpomskies #pomskiesofarizona #pomskysizes #toypomsky #minipomsky #woolypomsky #pomskies #pomski #pomskypuppies

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