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Pomsky Waitlists

Most Pomsky breeders offer a waitlist. This is usually done once a litter is confirmed via ultrasound.

If they do you need to understand these are usually Non-Refundable which is the norm for all breeders. Make sure you know and understand their policies BEFORE you place a deposit. Most breeders use deposits like they do puppy money to support their breeding program. This includes Caring for, Vetting, DNAing, Ultrasounding, Xrays, Food, Snacks, Toys, and everything that goes into caring for their puppies if they are a good breeder. You should like and feel comfortable speaking to, asking questions, getting pictures and videos and if at any time your are not, don't do it. Ask how long the deposit is good for and what happens if you can't choose. I personally offer one year which gives you 5 to 7 litters to choose from. On a rare occasion something comes up, If you communicate it to me before your year is up I will extend it. Be very careful placing a deposit with any breeder who has been open for less than a year. They can leave as fast as they came. #tcsrealpomskies #tcpomskies #pomskydeposits #pomskyutlrasound #pomsky #pomski #pomskypuppies #pomskiesofarizona #realpomskies #pomskylove #pomskypuppy

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