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Will my Pomsky come potty trained?

Updated: Oct 5, 2019

The answer will vary from breeder to breeder and many things can factor into this such as: Are the puppies raised indoors or outdoors, do they separate the mom from the puppies to train them? What materials are used to start training? What age are they going home?

I can ONLY speak about my Potty training process. I have seen, dealt with and heard nightmare stories from other customers and purchased puppies myself that were difficult to train. So believe me I understand. My Potty training may be different from other breeders and you can agree or disagree with it but what I can tell you is 95% of my Pomskies go home fully pee pad trained but the rest is up to you.

By 5 weeks of age my Pomskies are fully weaned and eating on their own. At this point they are separated from their mothers (for a few reasons such as fecal testing which I will discuss in another post) and they begin the process of human socialization and pee pad training. Why do I take the mom out of the equation? For several reasons. One, the puppies even though weaned will continue to try and drink from her if they can and this defeats the purpose.. its no different than taking the bottle away from your baby when they reach the proper age, once you go to a cup you throw all bottles out, this is the same method. The second reason is if they pee or poo the mom will eat it and tear up the pee pad. Its natural for mama to keep the puppies clean but when you potty train your child and put them in training undies you cant let them use diapers. So basically mama can't keep interfering in the potty training process. At this point I start their feeding schedule to start at 6am, the eat, drink, poo and I clean it.. they do this all day and I do my best to pick up the poop as soon as its laid and by the third day they usually poo/pee directly on the pads. Its so important to keep the area clean and put clean pads so they don't think its ok to pee on the floor. All food is then stopped by 7pm so that the puppies learn to finish pooping by 10pm which is their bed time.

After about 2 weeks and by the time they are 7 weeks they are fully potty trained on pee pads and then they start to learn to go on artificial grass on my patio too which you will see in some of the videos. At 8 weeks they go home and then they have to learn how you want to train them. This means I will tell you everything I use and if you pick up from me you will see their play pens and set up...

then you have to decide if you will use a play pen, crate, doggy door or a couple methods combined. There's no right or wrong way because you have to do what's best for your situation. The only thing I can't stress enough is CONSISTANCY! Once you start crate training or using the doggy door you have to keep a schedule and stick to it. Pomskies are so smart and want to learn and please you so positive reinforcement is important and I will do my best to teach you whatever you need to know. All of my customers know they can reach me 24/7 .. You should always be able to contact your breeder for ideas, suggestions and advice.

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