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What is a Pomsky?

      A Pomsky is EXACTLY how it sounds...It is EXACTLY what it sounds like.. It is a combination of a Siberian Husky (Standard or Wooly) and a Pomeranian (no matter what size).When you intentionally combine TWO breeds of Pure Bred dogs that creates what's known as a "Designer Breed". No other mix can or should be accepted. 

     Way back when we all first started breeding there was a group of breeders in Arizona that started the PCA (Pomsky Club of America) and boy did they preach about their "Ethics".. Well it didn't take long for them to be known for anything but and now their Club no longer exists. A few of their founders still breed but their reputations are not what they used to be.

You can click on the link above and decide for yourself ...I am only educating you as there are plenty more articles to choose from. 

      In 2015 I personally made the mistake of helping to create the International Pomsky Association with Snowoof Pomskies aka Cait/Caitlyn or whatever she calls herself today. Within 6 months I got out. It didn't take long to realize that the required DNA'ing was not happening, tests were being lied about and back yard breeders were being let in. This was the start to the introduction of the American Eskimo. Many breeders were having problems achieving "Fluffy" Pomskies.. Many had that Klee Kai look or the look of a Mini Standard Siberian and they couldn't figure out how to get rid of the red and cream. So the issue with this is HOW to incorporate the eskimo without being deceptive because a Siberian and Eskimo = Huskimo NOT a Pomsky. My solution was to breed a Pomsky + Huskimo to create an outcross and call it the "Esklein" (which I had a contest and a customer came up with this name) but Nope.. It created a huge disagreement between breeders and then I was called everything from a Bully to a B*tch to having them make fake complaints on my business if I didn't stop letting people know their Pomskies weren't real or DNA'd. My ex partner from my LLC didn't agree either and wanted to continue with eskimo and breeding with unknown breeders so the LLC was dissolved and we both moved on. Since 2015 to now the International Pomsky Association has created a huge mess in the Pomsky world with scamming customers, false DNA tests and many issues with reverse breeding etc (using a Pomeranian mom and Siberian dad). 

      Now fast forward to have most of the history regarding the Pomsky in the U.S. Please know and understand why we are not now and never will be apart of any of these associations or clubs. Its unfortunate that something as easy(Easy meaning because it has 2 splits not because its actually easy) as breeding a Pomsky has been turned into a fraud and scamming people using other breeds such as Klee Kai, Eskimo, Shar Pei, Keeshonds and more... To be told that DNA tests are not accurate is a Joke. Maybe when we all started and had to use Wisdom Panel but not now. Now we have Embark which is admissible in court and has less than 5% error rates that can be easily verified by retesting the parents. Make sure the contract states the Split (F1, F2 or ? AND the dogs used Siberian and Pomeranian)so if your DNA test does not match their DNA test you can sue them. Make sure the contract states you will get a full refund if the DNA test does not match and it will be your choice to surrender the dog back to the breeder. NOT THEIRS.  Do not be deceived and do not allow the breeder to use Parental DNA testing as that can easily be falsified. Honestly even a standard DNA test can be falsified so if you can't see live videos with the mama and her pups via Facebook or Face time then don't buy. Be smarter than that. 

      I hate that I even had to make this page but I've been told so many stories by so many people scammed and until now many of the Pomsky pages via Facebook were started by IPA members so if anyone told the truth, complained or showed their bad DNA tests they just removed them. Now you know, you understand and If you choose to make the decision to buy one of these mixes that's completely up to you as you are the buyer but you should never make a decision based on a lie and NO reputable breeder should have to lie to make a sale. 

Wish everyone the best and hope you find a good health puppy! Tanya T.C.Pomskies 

Not a Pomsky - bad DNA test
Embark DNA Pomsky Test
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