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T.C. Pomskies is a small family owned and run kennel breeding Huskies and  Pomeranians to create the Pomsky. Established 2014.


Group Suri Pups pic
River Selfies
Kasper 5.4
Asher the Pomsky
koda (kodiak)
Adonis the pomsky
Loki the Pomsky
Dr Bronze with hemsworth
Genesis aka Suki
F2 Pomsky

This adorable little boy is one of my many Sable F2 Pomskies...all grown up



        Most people are not aware that the Pomeranian dates back almost 10,000 years and descendants of the Spitz family of dogs, these were sled dogs of Iceland, Poland, and Alaska. Originally, Pomeranians weighed over 30 lbs and were used for sledding and herding as well as guarding then were slowly bred down to smaller sizes. Pomeranians come in Toy (up to 7lbs), Standard (up to 16lbs) and throw backs (over 16lbs). These hardy little dogs are not only highly intelligent they are faithful to their families and very loyal. Some Pomeranians have also been known to be slightly aggressive to protect their loved ones.

         The Siberian Huskies are also descendants of the Spitz family of dogs and originate from Northeastern Asia and bred by the Chukchi Indians. They too were used as working and sled dogs. They are not only very independent, they are highly intelligent but can sometimes be difficult to train. Positive reinforcement training is the most effective way to teach a Husky to do what you want him/her to do. Negative enforcement will only make your Husky rebel and this is never a good thing. Once a Husky becomes part of your family they always want to be with you, inside and out. A husky is usually never aggressive, they are more lovers than fighters, the only times I've had my huskies show "teeth" is when a dog enters their domain without getting to know them first.

            Pomeranians and Siberian Huskies are very active, intelligent dogs, and mixed together they come out with the most spectacular markings, coats, eye colors, and temperaments. When socialized properly Pomskies are great family dogs and love to be with and around children and pets . If you do not socialize your puppy to your cats, birds, and other small animals right away, this can become an issue later on.  I personally don't believe in feeding my dogs purely dog food because they are descendants of wolves, they have very high metabolisms and require more protein. My dogs eat Nutro and are on a Raw/cooked diets, this can be more expensive but in the end it's worth it because its been proven that dogs on raw/cooked diets tend to have less health issues, cancers, tumors, and/or digestive issues.  



Damon the Pomsky
Our Handsome little "Damon" and F2 Pomsky baby is only 2 weeks old. 

            As you know  Siberian Huskies and Pomeranians cannot be bred naturally due to the size of the Pomeranians  so artificial insemination must be performed for an F1 split. Once a Husky goes into heat she is watched carefully and then Progesterone tested to ensure a more successful insemination. All huskies are health checked, up to date on vaccines and go through numerous vet visits to ensure the safest pregnancies and litters. All of these tests, procedures, and precautions are very costly to the breeder and are passed down in pricing. All of our breeders are Embarked and we are apart of the Embark breeders program. Some customers request specific colors, markings, eye colors, and genders... as breeders we can only do our best to fulfill your request but only nature can guarantee the outcome.  We just pray we get happy, healthy pups to add to your family! The Pomsky Prices range between $2500 and $3500 depending on whether your pup is an F1 50/50, F1b 25/75, F2 50/50, F2b 25/75 or an F3. The markings, coats, eye color, and size have a lot to do with pricing. As responsible breeders we make sure all of our puppies go home on a strict spay/neuter contract. Rarely we will allow a breeding contract but only when we have spoken to and approved you to breeding one of our Pomskies. This is rare and involves a breeders fee as well. 

            We DO NOT ship via cargo or ground transport. We have a great pet nanny  we work with and their rates inside the U.S. are generally $550-625 and Canada can be $700-900.This includes vet exam, shots, de-worming, fecal testing, health certificate, temp scan micro-chipping, and flight. If we can work out a personal delivery then you the new owner will be responsible for paying for gas, my time, and possible hotel room depending on location. No puppy will go home before the age of 8 weeks and a contract will be signed that if at any time you cannot keep your pup you will return it to me at T.C.Pomskies. To be placed on the wait-list a $500 non-refundable deposit will be required. The Deposit is good for one year and then will be lost if other arrangements are not made prior to the end of the year. Pomsky breeding requires patience and that is what I ask of all my customers as well. If your puppy is not picked up by the 8th week you will be responsible for a $100 a week kennel fee, this arrangement must be discussed prior to the 8th week. If puppy is not picked up by 9th week, with prior arrangements, you forfeit all funds and your puppy will be posted for sale.  We have the right to refuse sales to anyone who will not sign our contract, agree to spay/neuter or disrespect us in any way and all monies will be lost. We NEVER offer refunds so please do not take your purchase lightly but we will offer a replacement if your puppy has a congenital defect covered by the one year health guarantee... Thank you!


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