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T.C.Pomskies  Policy and Contract

Read BEFORE you place a deposit

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All   deposits  are  Non-refundable. This means at No time will you  receive a refund.  Deposits are good for one year  on any litter . You can ask for a specific  litter but that does not mean you can't choose from another one. If  something happens that you need more time, please contact me before the year is up.  Any changes to this policy must be put in writing. 

Refunds and Exchanges

Buying a pomsky from me should never be taken lightly. Whether you place a non-refundable deposit or pay for a puppy in full, there are No Refunds. If before the puppy goes home an issue comes up where you cannot pick up, then we can arrange to either pick up at a later date (with fees), or I repost the puppy and you can pick from another litter within one year. Buyers remorse is not a reason for me to issue a refund but it is a reason for me to cancel a sale. I reserve the right to cancel any sale for which I know the customer has lied or may put my puppy in danger. If a customer refuses to sign their contract or follow my policies, the sale will be cancelled. Paying a deposit or for the puppy in full means you fully accept my policies regardless of signing the contract. 

Bill of Sale

The first part of my contract is the Bill of Sale. Once your puppy is paid in full by 6 weeks of age or before, you will be emailed a Contract which contains the Bill of Sale. The Bill of Sale states that Tanya of T.C.Pomskies is stating you are the new owner. The pomsky, the pomsky's name, date of birth and the split will be provided as well as the cost. This does not include the nanny fee because that is paid directly to the nanny not the breeder. 

Health Guarantee

Every pomsky is fully Vet checked before they go home. Each puppy will be given age appropriate vaccines, fecal tested, bordetella, dewormed and given a temp-scan microchip. As soon as the puppy is picked up or delivered the one year health guarantee takes affect. All pick up times and deliveries are scheduled two weeks prior or sooner so this is adequate time for you to make your puppies first well visit with your Vet. It is required for you to take your puppy to the vet within 48 hrs of arrival. If within the first year your puppy develops a Congenital issue resulting in early death, your vet must provide a written statement with tests run and once provided you will be entitled to another puppy when you are ready. The breeder is not responsible for any medical care you choose to provide.

Spay and Neuter Policy

All of my pomskies are sold as Pets ONLY. I do not take this lightly and you shouldn't either. Under no circumstances will I provide you breeding rights. Regardless of what you pay or the fact you are the owner will you be able to breed my Pomskies. If you choose to ignore the contract you sign, I will not only sue you for the amount of the Pomsky but I will obtain ownership of the pomsky as well. I will also sue you for any court fees and any costs I incurred due to travel, hotel stay or legal fees. By signing your contract you give me the right to to regain ownership in the event you break my contract. This includes providing me access to your residence to obtain my pomsky with police if necessary. If puppies are produced I will obtain ownership of them as well. 


You and you alone are responsible for the pomsky you buy. You cannot re-gift it, re-sell it or abandon my pomsky. Things happen, such as divorce or job loss and if that occurs you will contact me immediately and I will help to place the pomsky as soon as possible. This does not mean you will receive any money back. My contracts are in place to protect my pomskies and no one else. If my Pomsky is sold or abandoned I will sue you for the price of the pomsky and ownership of said Pomsky.


I can happily say that Not ONE of my pomskies has had a single health issue. I can say this because I track all of my pomskies during the first year. This is important not only so I can make sure they are happy and healthy but so I can track their weights and be able to share this with my customers as well. I make sure all of my Breeders are Embarked and by tracking my pomskies this helps me to guarantee my lines have no health issues. After the first year it is up to the owner to provide me updates but I always reserve the right to check on the welfare of my pomskies. I have a Closed Facebook page for all of my pomsky families to post, share and ask questions. I'm always available for any of my owners. 

My Policies

My policies are put in place to protect my pomskies first and my pomsky owners second. If you read anything that causes you concern feel free to call or text me any time to clarify. If you agree with my policies and want to place a deposit or buy a puppy then you can contact me 661-313-7358 any time. If you don't like my policies then I am sorry to see you go but you should definitely find a breeder that you feel comfortable with. The fact that I hand deliver each baby and spend every waking minute with them makes me very protective of where they go. I want each puppy to find that best home possible and if you feel that's you then please give me a call. Thank you, Tanya

When you first pick your Pomsky it will be from pictures, videos or FaceTime. Every week you will get updated pictures posted on Facebook and Instagram. If you don't have any of these apps then please let me know so I can text or email you pictures. When the puppies reach 5 1/2 weeks of age I give them their first vaccines so by 6 weeks of age you can visit. Depending on how many litters I have you will either come in my house or visit on the patio. If you come inside my home, shoes come off and hands get washed and I spray you down with KennelSol. Every precaution will always be taken when it comes to my babies. By 5 weeks of age if you want to visit we can schedule a convenient time for both of us. We love getting to know our families but please remember most visits are 20-30 minutes long. 

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All puppies go to the Vet at 7 1/2 weeks of age and then we arrange pick up between 8 and 8 1/2 week of age. If more time is needed please notify me before the 7th week. This is always a busy time arranging pick ups. 

Visiting your Pomsky

I NEVER under any circumstances allow strangers to my home. A stranger is anyone who is not apart of T.C. Pomskies Family. A deposit or payment in full must be paid before I allow you to come to my home. This is my Policy and it will not change. 

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