Planned Litters

Updated 11/14/2020

These are all of the planned litters coming up for  the end of November and early December.   There will be all splits, sizes and colors.  For More information you can call/text me at 661-313-7358 Tanya 

Athena  is a Wooly Siberian and she was bred to Loki the  pomsky. Their puppies   will be F2b's and  range 20-30lbs. They should be very wooly. I already accepted three deposits for Athena so no more will be accepted. She is due approx. November 30-December 2nd 2020.  Her babies will go home approx Jan 30th 2020. 

KJ is an  F2    Pomsky and she was bred to  Loki the  pomsky. Their puppies will be F3 pomskies  ranging 15-23lbs. Their puppies will  range plush to wooly. I have  two deposits on this litter and will accept one more deposit. These babies will be born  Dec 3rd-5th 2020 and ready to go home   approx.    Feb. 3rd 2020

Azia  is an  F2 Pomsky bred to Loki the Pomsky. Their Puppies will  be F3 pomskies ranging  20-30lbs. Their puppies should be wooly. I have two    deposits on this litter and will accept one more.  Babies will be born approx . Dec. 15th-18th 2020 and ready to go home approx. February 14th  in Time for Valentines Day! 

Summer is an  F1b and was bred to Adonis the Pomsky. Their puppies will be F2b's  and range 15-23lbs . Their last litter was absolutely  adorable  ranging from chocolate merles to  gorgeous sables with plush coats. I have one deposit on this litter and will accept two    more deposits. These will be born approx Dec. 17th - Dec. 19th 2020 and be ready to go home approx. February 14th for Valentines Day! Contact me for more information 661-313-7358 Tanya 

The next females expected to go into heat  will be  Havana the Wooly Siberian and  Latte the Pomsky. These will be both F1b and F2b Pomskies. Any Deposits placed will be in the amount of $500 good for one year on any  litter.  If you have any questions  you can call or text  me at 661-313-7358 Tanya 

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