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 All our puppies will be vet checked, vaccinated, dewormed, fecal tested and free from all worms, parasites, giardia and coccidia and  temp-scan microchipped before they go home. A strict spay/neuter contract is required and a one year health guarantee is provided. We DO NOT ship via cargo or ground transport. We can have your baby nannied for $525-575 within the U.S. or $700-900 to Canada. You can always fly in and pick up the puppy in person or I  can meet you at the airport $50 for an hour trip... In addition I will be here for you at anytime regarding any questions you may have and any additional support you may need. You will be able to contact me via cell any time and I have a Closed Facebook page T.C. Pomskies Family for all my customers. I always recommend to start obedience training and potty training right away. Pomskies are extremely smart and learn fast. They will be pee pad trained when they go home at 8 weeks of age but you have to finish based on whether you want to crate train, use a doggy door or the bell. Obedience classes are always recommended to get you started but you can always go to YouTube or as well.. there are great videos to watch and learn. 

              I reserve the right to refuse a sale to anyone and if at any time a customer does or says anything I feel is a threat to me or the well being of my puppy your sale will be refused. If you refuse to sign your Contract your sale will be cancelled and No refund issued. You will lose your non-refundable deposit or funds paid. Everyone on the wait-list has paid a non refundable $500 deposit which is good for one year from the day they pay. More time can be provided with prior approval. Buyers remorse does not constitute a refund. Refunds are not given under any circumstances only exchanges and arrangements must be agreed to prior and in writing. You have the option of rolling your funds to another litter and then if you still cannot find a puppy of your liking within one year you will lose your funds. If a puppy is fully paid for by the 8th week and you choose to not take it home, that will be taken as you surrendering your puppy to T.C. Pomskies. I will hold a puppy for up to 5 days at no charge, after that a weekly fee of $100.00 will be charged before the puppy is picked up and this must be agreed upon prior to the 8th week. No Refund will be given. Only if prior arrangements are made will we kennel your puppy until you are ready to pick up for an additional fee. Once the Pomsky is paid in full, a Bill of Sale/Health Guarantee will be emailed to you for signature. If only a deposit is made you, the buyer, will still be held to the same policy as those who have paid in full. I will never issue a Blank Bill of Sale/Contract.  No Pomsky will go home until the contract is signed. Everything in the contract will be outlined on the "Contract Page." If you refuse to sign you will forfeit your Pomsky  and  all funds. If you break the contract this can result in fines and you losing your pomsky. 

               If at any time an emergency arises please communicate this with us so that we may alter your contract in writing as no verbal agreements will ever be made. A contract will be signed before the puppy is sent home, this is not optional or amendable in any way and any breach of contract will result in a lawsuit in the state of Arizona as this is where your puppy is being purchased. We never guarantee coat color, markings or eye color because just like huskies, pomskies can change until one year of age. They will continue to change into adulthood, some barely and some greatly... this cannot be controlled. There are examples on the Past puppies page. Feel free to ask or visit Instagram for lots of pictures. 

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